The National Italian- Australian Women’s Association is the very first and only Italian women’s association in Australia. It was founded in 1985 by a group of Italian-Australian women who wanted to have their voices heard and the contribution they made to the Australian society duly recognised.

“I can still remember our very first meeting, a late afternoon in January 1985, when I invited a group of women from an Italian background to come to a meeting in Parliament House, in Sydney, to discuss the forming of an Association of Italian–Australian women.”
The Honourable Franca Arena, AM, MLC
Promoter, Founder and Honorary Life President of the Italian-Australian Women’s Association

The National Italian–Australian Women’s Association aims to ensure that future generations will take pride in the achievements of Italian women despite the struggles, loneliness and isolation they felt due to language difficulties and other problems encountered in this society.

The National Italian–Australian Women’s Association today makes several important contributions to Australian multicultural life. It recognises the accomplishments and contributions of women of Italian ancestry to Australian society. It acknowledges that Italian women are not simply the mothers, daughters and sisters of Italian men. They are progressive, competent and worthy of respect. They also have always been a great force in balancing the old world with the new, between the Italian traditions and the Australian customs. They are the true keepers of the Italian heritage amongst the new generations of Italian-Australians.